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Monday, November 5, 2012

CORPER KOFO episode 14


So I resumed work after the sallah break, this man has been very annoying ….where do I start from? His giving me work not meant for me, not approving my work, the query on why I resumed Tuesday(after I explained I wasn’t feeling fine) or his getting irritated over everything I do?’s actually been terrible ,but I have just been enduring all the shit!....I don’t need to be afraid like a friend would say FEAR could mean ‘forget everything and run  or  face everything and rise’, at the moment I KOFO DANIELS is ready to face everything and rise…….
   Meanwhile Chioma is been up and about with this her notice me stuff, yet this man has refused to look her way, if only he would just look her way, since she is willing (LOL)
  Today been November 5, 2012  a general mail was sent to all marketing staff about a new type of account the bank is introducing which is very good for people that travel out a lot  and every marketing staff is expected to open at least  10 before the end of November, the opening balance of this account is N250,000. #angryface so this people don’t even want to know if you are a corper  or not……..well they might have to pursue me at some point, because I don’t think I’m cut out for all these>>>>
   We held a meeting this morning and my Boss was emphasizing on the fact that he won’t take it likely with anyone who doesn’t meet up with his/her target (shuuuuuuu na by force,I be corper na),he afterwards said he has noticed some sort of lackadaisical approach to work from some member of staff, and that even the corpers are not exempted in this , especially KOFO DANIELS who thinks she can add a day to her holidays by claiming she wasn’t fine, and that he needs a medical report to that effect and that he hopes the reply to the query he gave me this morning…(this man is now angry because I insisted on travelling to see my YOMI….#ISOKAY)….About 30 minutes after the meeting he instructed the Business operations manager to make sure the salary for that day is deducted from my money by month end when salaries will be paid, the Business Operations manager (BSM) sent me a mail to that effect just to inform me……(hmm ,salary wey I don’t get plan for, God dey) as usual I called TOBI who advised I just keep calm about the whole thing, that everything would be fine(but when????) He just informed me that we would be seeing a new customer today (why would I want to go out for marketing with this devil?????),I am just praying this won’t be another round of *let’s do lunch together  stuff, I’m just going to keep a straight face*(EMI ORAYE NONSENSE)… on our way..

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  1. Lol, are corpers supposed to meet marketing targets? Interesting. Can't wait for the Next episode.