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Thursday, October 25, 2012

corper Kofo episode 13

After the mid week service i stood by the door of the church looking around for Tobi ,couldn't find her,tried calling her but to no avail,a minute later i saw my BDM's car parked close by, and then his call came in,and he goes ' Kofo ,i am parked under the tree close to the gate' i went to meet him and as soon as i got into his car i told him' please no dramas ,i just want to go home right away' and he was like 'Ok ,ma will take you home right away' and i found myself smiling (don't ask me why pls,it was sort of a reflex action) on our way Tobi called to tell me she had a flat tyre  and then my BDM started trying to form gist  ......ermmm Kofo i heard your birthday is in a few days time,do you have plans? KOFO: Yes i do . BDM: is there a way i can fit into your plans? KOFO: not really ,its going to be during the sallah break so i intend traveling to Lagos to at least see my parents BDM: Your parents or a man somewhere?come Kofo is it that you don't like me  or what ? forget whichever man you are going to see, i will make your birthday a memorable one ,I'm a nice guy, you just have failed to see that. KOFO: i don't hate you ,i am engaged to someone and i love him so much, even if i wasn't engaged,you are married with kids,why would i want to be your side chic? BDM:you're engaged huh? my dear till a man takes you to the alter he's not your own,even when he finally does, you have to be very prayerful ,because he will still be out ,KOFO: Like you are doing now huh?BDM: Kofo you don't have to be rude because i like you so much .KOFO:i am sorry ,but in all honesty i am not trying to be rude, i just can't see myself dating you ..BDM: not forcing you to , i want us to be really close,you can still date your boyfriend along side if you so wish.KOFO: i can't be seeing two guys at a time ,moreover i am satisfied with the guy i am engaged to .BDM: sweetheart, take your time to think about it,do not make hasty decisions,meanwhile i will transfer some cash into your account so you can book business class for your trip.KOFO:(see me oh, pls i am not complaining about economy that Yomi has paid for oh) oh,you don't have to worry sir.BDM; well dear,i have chosen to worry about that ,so leave it to me .KOFO: HMM,thank you sir, that's my house ,the house with a black gate ,i will be fine there,BDM: ok , you take care and be a good girl, don't do what i won't do .KOFO:You are married oh,so don't say what you won't do,because you will definitely do .....BDM*SMILING* hmmm Kofo,i won't say anything about that ,but you understand what i mean,when are you coming back to Abuja?KOFO: asap,have to be at work on Monday. BDM: ok then, can i at least get a hug?KOFO: i hugged him 90 degrees  and he goes"whats this about? ,so i hugged him 360 degrees and then he smiles like he just won a lottery,an hour after he dropped me, i got a transfer alert on my phone,N100,000 from my boss, anyways i got to lagos this morning and lagosians are like their is no Okada(eko oni baje oh) ,meanwhile lagos cabs are not as cheap as Abuja cabs, i had to take a cab to my house and then to Yomi's place....hmm this means any place i have to be has to be important abi,no roaming about...hehehehe at the moment i am in Yomi's place so no disturbance,Kofo will be back in abuja on sunday and then we would continue from there, i need all the time in the world now...LOL................................Barka da sallah

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