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Monday, September 24, 2012

CORPER KOFO....(Episode 7)

Yes ,let me quickly gist you guys how the lunch went,(sure some of you already have thoughts...hmmm God is helping you o)Well, he asked the driver to go to maitama after we finished from the client's place,we went to chopsticks maitama (a Chinese eatery),its a nice place,y'all should give the eatery a try(i love the place), their food is waoh , we got in and we both made our order, I'm not really into chinese foods,so i just did broccoli with the sauce  and took a glass of smirn off ice with ice cubes trust me ,it was perfect for launch.
When we were done he asked if i had love to hang out with him after work (hehehehe ,i hope that doesn't mean 'you are gonna have to pay for this food...LMAO, don't mind me, i have very funny thoughts sha)....i said no, that i had love to go back home early, and because i stay with our family friend, i wouldn't know what would be my excuses for returning late,their is no traffic  along our side so that is out of it, and then he goes;
BDM: kOFO you're a big girl na ,why would you be doing this to me(at this moment he became as gentle as a dove),you are big enough to know i have feelings for you(egba mi oh,married man!!!feelings ko emotions ni).anyway i won't push it,i will give you enough time to think about it.
Thank you Sir, but you are married and ........

He interrupts immediately  
Ofcourse i am married....but leave that to me to worry about ....

KOFO; hmmmm.......

BDM;you think its easy for me? well just think about it,its gonna be between you and i, lets go to the office, i still have a meeting to attend before the day runs out.

Yes sir

stop this 'yes sir' thing especially when we are out of the office


We left for the office......all through that day  so many thoughts ran through my mind , what is it with this man......meanwhile i started thinking of  changing my place of primary assignment because i don't know how i will cope.......meanwhile on my way home i got a call from Tobi, my very good friend who just got a job with a bank and was transferred to Abuja,!!! that made me feel light a little, Tobi has been my partner in crime Christ since childhood,she's a full time aje butter ,light skinned ,tall ,and has flesh in the right quantity and at the appropriate places(yes oh) we met on Saturday and i told her about everything , she seems to have a plan.
well today is monday again, now my heart beat increases at the thought of coming to this office.
God pleaseeeeeee...... so not comfortable with all this!!!

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