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Saturday, July 9, 2011


For what reasons should people marry????
    Should one marry a man because he is handsome or a woman because she is beautiful?What happens when such a person becomes old,will one still be in love with the other party?
   Should one marry because you are so in love with the other party?If you agree with me ,it is most times difficult to differentiate between love and how then does one know it is love and not lust?
  Should one marry because you know the other party has a good job and is able to sustain you and provide adequately for your family?What happens when the job is gone?Will you still be able to look at your partners eyes and say "Honey i will stay for better or worse,we are in this together"?
   People marry these days for very trivial reasons;
       You hear alot of  funny reasons ,A man will say 'i love her thats why i want to marry her' and when asked by the marriage counsellor for reasons why he feels this woman is the best option for him as a wife,he starts by saying ,"She is lovely,beautiful e.t.c.....forgetting that all these are temporary.
 Personally what i think is most important to consider before any marriage is ***COMPATIBILTY****
   When you both are compatible,it means you share the same ideologies,values e.t.c.It means their is a perfect understanding between you two,i mean the understanding is so great as to the fact that you both can predict each other's actions over alot of circumstances.
   There are alot of broken homes today because so many couples didnt consider compatibility before marriage,so to keep our homes from gossips and the shackles of evil that has led so marriages to doom these days ,we all have to consider compatibility.
       LOVE is just there to sustain you both as couples ,but when you both are compatible ,you are able to live another and tolerate each other........

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  1. yes compartibility,but i don't think there re two persons who re entirely compartible i think there should also b COMPROMISE i.e being willing to let go on some of ur" belife system"to accomodate the other party bearing in mimd ur different upbringing and exposure.The most important is GOD when God is in a home happy is that home. John 14:1-end.